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Family Law


Family law is more than just divorce. Joshua Lloyd has the experience to deal with unique situations that can arise in your case. Joshua Lloyd  is well-versed in various aspects of family law, including child support, paternity, parenting time, relocation, adoption, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, grandparent rights, domestic violence and orders of protection, and civil unions.

Joshua Lloyd will get to know you and become familiar with every aspect of your case and craft a strategy that is in your best interest. Joshua Lloyd is a zealous advocate and experienced litigator who is willing to tackle complex family law issues. Joshua Lloyd has litigated in most of the surrounding counties, including Kane, DuPage, Cook, Kendall, Will, Lake, and Winnebago.

Joshua Lloyd is well known and respected by local Judges and peers through his candid, assertive, and ethical advocacy skills that have been crafted over many years of experience. 

Child Support

Illinois law regarding child support was completely reconstructed, and a new method for calculating child support has been in effect since July 1, 2017. The old law that was in effect for several decades, which was calculated by taking a percentage from the payor’s net income, has been abolished.

The new method for calculating child support is a much more involved process, and is based upon both parties’ income, the amount of overnights each party has with each child, and additional statutory factors.

The fact that the law has changed may not be a reason to modify child support, but there are several circumstances where you may be required to a modification. Some scenarios may include a change in job or income for either party, a change in parenting time, or even a change in the needs for the children. 


Joshua Lloyd represents parents of children born outside of marriage. The first step in a parentage case is to establish the identity of the child’s parents. This can be done voluntarily by the parties, or through the use of DNA testing.  Joshua Lloyd has the experience to handle contested or uncontested matters.

After parentage is established, there are other issues that must be determined. Some other issues in paternity cases are parenting time with each parent, child support, financial issues, and the allocation of significant decision making for the child. 

Parenting Time (Custody and Visitation) 

Illinois laws relating to custody and visitation were rewritten in 2016 and replaced with the current statutes. In most cases, the current statutes removed the terms custody and visitation and replaced them with the allocation of parenting time and parental responsibilities.

Parenting time can be one of the most contested issues in a divorce or parentage case, and it is usually one of the first issues that the Judge will want to resolve. When parenting time and the allocation of parental responsibilities cannot be resolved through mediation, Joshua Lloyd helps his clients with the next steps in the process.


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